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Neil Payne recently tagged me in this post after he was tagged by a good friend. I usually do not play along with this type of thing, but given that I have mad crazy respect for Neil – I will do it.

Rules: Having been tagged, I have to blog 5 things about myself that mostly no-one knows and then tag three more blogger friends.

Here goes:

1. I once worked in a fish poisoning laboratory. While in college at the University of the Virgin Islands, I had a job that paid 8$ per hour to analyse the level of toxins from red tides in the local fish. I had to pressure cook the fish and through a series of processes which involved very toxic (base) chemicals, end up with tiny vials of extract at various potencies. I then had to inject it into cute little white mice who were happy enough playing in their man-made playgrounds. Needless to say, I quit after a few short months because I got depressed about the mice and smelled like stinky fish all the time.

2. My mother was raped when I was a teenager. I was a junior in high school in the Virgin Islands and came home one night after a party to find that my mother had been raped. We ended up having to move out of our house for several months until the rapist was put behind bars. I had to testify and everything – much of this I have blocked from memory but I vaguely remember sitting in the courthouse memorizing the guys face. I lived alone with my mother and being that she was so fragile all the time, I had to be the strong one.

3. I saw Led Zeppelin in concert at Madison Square Garden when I was 13 years old. I would NEVER let my 13 year old do something like that without an adult. It was a crazy time and probably very dangerous. I remember coming home without any shoes. But the music was great.

4. I started working when I was in ninth grade and haven’t stopped since. Sometimes I have had several jobs at one time. I have worked in retail, as a waitress, for a stock broker, a tv station, newspaper, and several non-profit organizations. I have always had a job, only taking time off to have 2 babies. I think I might be ready for a new adventure.

 5. I have trouble fitting in. I never really fit in anywhere. Not really sure that I want to. I live in super-suburbia and often times feel out-of-place, I dislike sororities and organized social groups as such. The only groups I feel like I fit in are those related to ultra-geeky stuff like Lord of the Rings, etc., even then I have trouble fitting in. I refuse to give in to corporate america (and I think this may cause some issues with my career success) and will not become the uber-bitch executress wearing a business suit. I don’t long for a big McMansion,  or a big house at all,  but rather a humble, cozy bungalow-style home in a small and beautiful place. This perception of myself is probably the reason I have trouble making new friends.

Tagging 3 plus two blogging friends:

Jen because she is one hardcore, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, biotch (and I say that with much love)

Rebecca because even though we don’t connect with each other that often, she is one of the coolest individuals I have ever met

My cousin Michael because I have such fond memories of us as kids growing up together

Debbie because i know that secretly she is really my other sister

Modified Mummy because she is from the UK and commented on my blog recently…

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