Thankful for Thirty: Day 7: A nurse named Meg and I am still here

I spent last night in the emergency room – this was the first time in 10 years that I have visited the ER for myself. I wasn’t feeling well all day, was absolutely exhausted and was having strange pains in my chest, under my arm, and under my shoulder blade. After several hours of this I decided it would be wise to pay a visit to my local emergency facility.

My family has and intense history of heart disease, and being that I am 44 years old i thought it prudent to check this out. Luckily, the ER was pretty empty (which is surprising for a Saturday night). The doctor acted like he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone and was kind of a jerk, so I did my best to ignore his attitude.  

There was this really nice nurse named Meg, she kept complimenting me on the fact that I look so young (which is surprising given that this was at 3am and I had no makeup on – plus I was looking extra glamorous in my hospital gown with EKG stickies all over me). She also complimented my very-granola Keen shoes, and she was very interested in the fact that I was reading the book “eat, pray, love” (after many years of visiting ER’s with the kids, I know enough to bring books and other activities for myself). There was just something about her that was very sweet, compassionate, interesting, and soft-spoken.

Meg made my night a good experience.

After several hours of observation, tests, they ruled out heart issues, gave me 2 childrens aspirin just in case, and sent me home at 4 am telling me to call my doctor on Monday. I have been laying low all day today (I still don’t feel so good) but I am glad I went.

So what am I thankful for?

I am grateful for all of the Megs of the world who take care of people in such a gentle and kind way. I am thankful to be reminded that there are caring and compassionate people out there who really want to help  and care for others.

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