Thankful for Thirty: Day 4: Opportunities Unfold

I have been spending a lot of time focusing on my immediate goals and keeping the “debbie downers” of the world away from me. I have to tell you, it takes a lot of work to remain focused on the possibilities while “she” continuously tries to break in and vandalize my life. I have done enough of that on my own, thank you very much. Time to repair the damage. For the most part, I have kept her at bay, but more on that later.

Over the past few weeks,  I have put all of my focus and intent on my short term goals:

  • a super flexible schedule where I set my own hours so that I can be available for my children
  • the opportunity to innovate, be creative, and make a difference – and be wildly successful at it
  • continue to make good money (and more of it!)
  • not giving in (and settling for) working in a corporate, traditional environment
  • consistently move my body – get the exercise I need, at my own pace
  • have happy, healthy children
  • get closer to my true spirit

What is really interesting is that this is actually working! In the past 10 days, several new opportunities have unfolded in front of me. My belief that I can do all of these things is actually becoming reality. Now I have some important decisions to make – but the beauty of it is that I have options!

Also, I have been walking 3-4 miles each morning with my dog Jasper, where I medidate and pray about all of my intentions, and talk myself in to believing that I can do all of these things (and much more). I actually joined a yoga center too!

I am fighting off the disbelief that these good things could happen to me, along with the old fear factor – which by the way becomes even more intense when I find myself around a “Debbie Downer”. So I consciously decided to kick all of the “debbie downers” in my life to the curb. I know this will be an ongoing battle with the likes of her, but I will keep up the good fight. Here is my letter to all of the “debbie downers” of the world:

Dear Debbie Downer,

Get the hell out of my life.

Love, Susan

ps. stop drinkin’ so much haterade

This was supposed to be a thankful post, right? Actually it is –

I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities in front of me, the strength to get rid of negativity, and for all that I am about to be given.


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