Thankful for Thirty: Day 1: Where I work

It is a beautiful, crisp, sunny autumn morning. I’ve noticed that the angle of the sun coming through the trees has changed. Fall has arrived. I am so in love with this time of year, I just want to savour it slowly like a really good book. Today I begin my Thankful for Thirty challenge (see my previous post)

Today I will focus all day long on being thankful for the place where I work.  
I have been working for the same non-profit organization for over 5 years now. It is a mission-oriented organization that is passionate about helping the elderly. It’s a great, important, and meaningful cause which resonates within the hearts and souls of everyone involved.

I started over 5 years ago and they quickly supported and believed in me to the point where I was promoted to an executive roll. This was new for me, but provided me with the opportunity to be innovative and creative, to push the envelope with new ways of thinking and new approaches to using technology. I was given an entire division to run. They entrusted me with so many things, and I rose to the occassion brilliantly. Each time a new busines need presented itself, our team worked diligently to meet the challenge. This is not to say we have not met any obstacles, because there have been many.  We have been wildly succesfull at meeting some of the challenges, while others we have not been able to resolve. My division as grown considerably – as has the organization overall. Now the demands are more sophisitcated and complex, potentially requiring some major re-thinking of how we are structured. I believe that it is extremely important to continuously assess how we are doing and determine if new approaches are needed to be the best that we can be.

I am so fortunate to have found such a place, with people like this where I was given opportunities previously unimaginable. They have given me a true vote of confidence, flexibility, time to learn new things, understanding when hard times rolled in to my life and affected my job, guidance when I have needed it, and the ability to provide for my family. There are not many who can say this about where they work.

It is so easy to fall in to the sphere of negativity in the workplace – especially when much of it is directed towards the type of work that I do. Yet I refuse to go there.

I am completely grateful for all that we have done, all that I have been given, and for all that is about to be.

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