2007 Goals Check-in: have I made any progress?

It’s August and probably a good idea to see where I stand on the things I said I was going to do, so here goes:


  • Focus on web strategy skills, write a rock-solid web strategy for my job, network with others who either have done this or are doing it. [I have definitely done this, learned how to podcast/vodcast, in the midst of putting together a high-level strategy (along with some help) for the internet/new media strategy at work)
  • Research on coffee shop/bookstore  [I haven’t done anything here except for dream, and take a few photos of coffee shops I have been to]


  • Start Sewing again – learn how to make bed sets & pillows [ NOT gonna happen this year – other priorities taking place ]
  • Look into getting a piano or keyboard [Well, my neighbor lucked-out and bought a piano from a friend who was moving and didnt want it – i guess i just wasn’t at the right place at the right time. I just have not focused on it]
  • photography [identified the camera i really want, took some great photos over the summer, used some of them on a website i built]
  • Fix my yard – and make it look nice! [it’s still wild america out there]

Improving my mind:

  • learn about coaching and faclitation [NOT even interested anymore]
  • learn how to build CSS (table-less) websites from scratch [done and done]
  • read at least 6 books [done: Harry Potter 7; Pride & Prejudice; Over Sea, Under Stone; Small Pieces, Loosely Joined; The Two Towers (for the 5th time); The Other Bolyen Girl]

Family & life improvement:

  • Do something about my marriage [in progress but moving too slowly]
  • Implement weekly family time & family dinners [on and off]
  • Investigate Charlottesville even more [yes, visited one more time and began researching neighborhoods]
  • Investigate Portland, Maine [no longer interested]
  • 1 major family vacation [done – Chincoteague, VA]
  • Enroll Daryn in a fitness activity  [done: swimming and dance]


  • Develop a financial plan [ big fat F ]
  • Pay off outstanding bad debt (except car) by April [ big fat F ]

Fitness & Health:

  • Join a hiking club and participate in at least one hike per month [ NOT – but i still want to do this ]
  • Complete at least one fundraising walk [done – completed 20 mile walk in June ]
  • Consistently do 5 workouts weekly [ was ok until june, then fell off the wagon and rolled down the hill ]
  • Enroll in a weekly yoga class [ NOT yet ]
  • Reduce cholesterol 10 more points [ i did as of may ]
  • lose 20% of my weight [ NOT yet ]


  • attend a renfest this year [ NOT yet, but still have time in the fall ]
  • help plan Harry Potter activities [ done and done! ]

Public Service:

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  1. Let’s go to the renfest in a few weeks, D & JP would have a blast. And there’s a teeny bit of eye candy there too, ha ha

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