and the good news is…

I am sitting on my deck enjoying a beautiful morning – sipping on chai tea and watching the sun com through the trees

The season premiere of HEX comes on tonight on BBC America

The season finale of The Tudors is tomorrow night

I am going on vacation in two weeks and plan to read ALOT

My nieces are returning soon – so my house will return to being a youth hostel, it’s sort of fun really…

The moved up the date for the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie

The release party for the final Harry Potter book promises to a very big deal. The entire town of Old Towne Alexandria is involved, including Gadsbys Tavern (which was frequented by George Washington) and many other businesses. We are creating a marauders map and there will be a shuttle (called the knight bus) carring people up and down king street. There will be costume contests, live music (we are trying to engage a wizard rock band), and there will be some kind of gifts/prizes for visiting each location on the map. Local businesses are involved – the tavern (above), the apothecary museum, candy shops, ice cream shops, toy stores and of course, the local bookstore- and each of them are doing something special to honor Harry Potter. The band will be playing at the historic train station (looks like 9 3/4). I am currently working on the website to promote it and will keep everyone posted.
I just found out that the Cleveland Symphony is doing a Lord of the Rings symphony on July 21 – They are the top-ranked symphony in the country AND Howard Shore will be conducting.

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