Wireless Amber Alerts: Subscribe and help search for abducted children

I was streaming iTunes Radio today and there was an Amber Alert PSA about a missing child from Pennsylvania. I was curious (being that Pennsylvania is not too far from home) and visited the website to check it out. After reading further, I found out about the Wireless Amber Alert – where you can subscribe and a text message will be sent to you when an Alert is issued. If enough people sign up for this, the potential increases significantly for finding lost and abducted children. I urge everyone to subscribe so abducted and lost children can find their way home again.

 Subscribe now!

Wireless AMBER Alerts is an initiative to distribute AMBER Alerts to wireless subscribers who opt in to receive the messages. Subscribers capable of receiving text messages, and whose wireless carrier participates in the Wireless AMBER Alerts Initiative, may opt in to receive alerts by registering at www.wirelessamberalerts.org or their wireless carrier’s web site and designating up to five zip codes from which they’d like to be alerted in the case of an AMBER Alert activation.

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