walked 3 miles in my shoes

We walked a little over 3 miles today – it took about an hour. My hope is to get my pace up to 3.5 mph and keep it consistent. It was a mild, breezy spring evening – perfect for walking and thinking. June 9th is not so far away – I need to be able to walk 20 miles overnight. I can do this.

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  1. Try this. While doing your walks break it up with some lunges, squats and burpees.

    Warm up before your walk with 50 J jacks
    Then every ten mins alternate
    20 walking lunges
    20 air squats
    5 burpees.
    End your walk with 10 burpees.
    Doing this will get you stronger faster. We don’t want you to stop building muscle. So lets keep your body weight movements in as part of your walks.
    Then your next walk start with 10 burpees and end on 40 air squats. Mix in anything you want along the way. Keep it timed so you don’t forget to do things.

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