Seven Hundred Eighty Four

784. That’s how many pages there are in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — the upcoming final installment of the Harry Potter series due to be released on July 21stThe release of this book is probably THE most exciting event this year – sure to be accompanied by book release parties all over the world. I am sure to attend one of these, and I am thinking of going in costume – probably Nymphadora Tonks. We will see . . .

Pressing questions:

  1. Is Snape evil?
  2. How does Dumbledore continue to help Harry?
  3. What is the deal with Aunt Petunia?
  4. Who will die?
  5. Is Harry a horcrux?
  6. Will Ron and Hermione get together?
  7. Will Harry and Ginnie get together?
  8. Will Lupin marry Tonks?
  9. What will become of Hogwarts?
  10. Does Percy reconcile with his family?

2 thoughts on “Seven Hundred Eighty Four

Add yours

  1. No, just misled
    Thru his portrait on the wall
    Aunt Petunia loved Snape, but Snape loved Lily.
    Voldy, Snape, maybe Harry
    Oh, man, I HOPE so, Lupin needs some lovin’
    It will fall in the battle
    Yes, there’s gotta be some good.

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