I think I’m quite ready for another adventure…

This whole Christy and Rebecca experience in New Zealand has inspired me to begin planning my dream trip to Scotland. For some reason the calling to do this trip gets stronger and stronger each day. I will either go it alone, or be very choosey about my travel partner. I would like to do some hiking and some investigation of haunted castles, and of course pubs. I want to be in the greenery and smell the fresh air. I want to sleep inside of a castle. I want to visit Endiburgh. I want to see where Hogwarts would be. I want to hike through the highlands and lay down in fields full of heather.

After some preliminary research, I know that Speyside is one of the places I will go. It looks breathtaking. What’s funny is, some of the photos on that page look similar to parts of the Blue Ridge mountains here in Virginia…minus the heather.

Of course this trip is at least a year off – it will probably cost me about $5,000 to do it right. It’s a good goal to have – as long as I don’t get caught up in the obstacles that challenge me in the meantime. I am committed to focusing on the trip – and making it happen.

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