another beautiful day. After working all day I spent 2 hours volunteering at school to help decorate the set for an upcoming play. I picked up the kids then came home and took Jasper for a brief 1 mile walk. A great way to end a very busy day.

I am committed to walking every day. It is good for my mind, it is good for my soul. I am prepared to walk 20 miles in the middle of the night in New York this June – a great challenge for a great cause – Suicide Prevention and Awareness. My mother took her own life when she was 48 years old. I also have 2 childhood friends (who were brothers) who took their own lives when they were in their early teens. We are walking to honor them, and to raise awareness and to help others whos lives have been changed forever because of this.

 Feel free to support me by donating to the Out of the Darkness Overnight – or better yet, JOIN OUR TEAM and walk with us!!!