Cleaning out my closets, cleaning up my life

closetI began cleaning out my closets this weekend – I had planned to do this for sometime and I finally was inspired by my new favorite blog, Zen Habits, to do so. This is also fairly representative of the transformation I am going through in my life right now. After 15 years of an unhappy marriage and being untruthful to myself and everyone around me, I have opened the floodgates and now everything is changing. After living for years like this and letting it chip away at my soul, I am slowly rediscovering who I am. Within my mind there is a vivid picture of how I want my life to be, and I am holding on to that and refuse to settle for anything less.

 Anyway, back to the closets… 

I began by going through old clothes and things that I either never wear or that do not represent my personality, then began going through old papers and many of Big D’s old things that were lingering in the closet. 6 bags of trash later, I am finishing the closet project today and am feeling better already. I think I have found another part of myself beneath the clutter.

Next week I will clean out another closet – another step in the process of simplifying my life and getting closer to myself.

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  1. Hi forceofhobbit … thanks for the nice mention of Zen Habits … I really appreciate it.

    As I just moved Zen Habits to its new domain ( I was hoping you could update your links, in this post and in the sidebar. It would help a lot! Thanks so much.

    Zen Habits

    p.s. I love the look of your site.

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