March Challenge

After a fairly significant emotional meltdown in February, which consequently threw me off of the rhythm I had developed around exercise, I am back. I was reading my new fav blog – Zen Habits – where there was a post yesterday about the March challenge. I was inspired enough to face my own recent downfall. I also understand that where I stand today is just an outcome of past actions, and does not define my future. So in order for me to honor forward movement – and to not give up just because I ran into some obstacles, my committment is now even stronger. For the month of March, I commit to the following:

  1.  5 crossfit workouts per week
  2. Weekly gratitude post on my blog
  3. Creating my vision board

Wish me luck.

One thought on “March Challenge

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  1. Good luck on your March goals! Feel free to join me at Zen Habits for the March Challenge so we can support each other’s goals. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic.

    And good point about your recent downfall. Just get back up, move forward, and learn from your mistakes. I recommend thinking about why you failed, and plan ways to overcome those obstacles this time (ahead of time).

    Glad you like Zen Habits!

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