No Snow

I woke up this morning anticipating snow, but it was raining. I was so hoping for a day at home in our pajamas. Instead I was at my desk by 5 am (I have a workout at 6). I am in a really bad mood because I keep letting people’s attitude at work affect me in a pretty intense way. So now I am angry. I know that rationally I should not let other people change my mood like this. I have no control over how they choose to behave. Now I am having trouble separating whether or not I like my actual job or whether it is all this crazy frustration and anger inside my head (which, by the way, hurts this morning).

What a negative way to start the day! Well, at 6 am we have a crossfit workout with Jen and that will allow me to get rid of some of the frutsration (gotta love those ball slams).

 Be back later with a blog about how the workout went.


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