Glad, Sad, Mad

My brain is mush today. My emotions are all over the spectrum so I thought it may be a good idea to make a list. This time, I will organize by glad, mad and sad.

 Three things I am glad about today:

  1. The fact that I am able to provide a comfortable and happy home for my children
  2. The announcement of the release date of the final Harry Potter Book
  3. The weather forecast: I love snow

Three things I am sad about today:

  1. Big Dave and his inability to connect on things of importance in life
  2. The fact that I have no one to be my true companion
  3. Brandon (my stepson) struggling in rehab

Three things that I am mad about today:

  1. The sugar cookies I ate
  2. People (mostly at work) with passive-aggresive or other behavioral problems such as lack of respect, dishonesty, lack of team attitude and approach, obsessive whining or complaining, and overall condescending attitudes.
  3. My house being a wreck

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