Goals for the week of 1/14/2007

I have posted my goals for January, so here is what I plan to accomplish this week:

  • 5 crossfit workouts
  • No sugar or processed carbs
  • 1 cup green tea per day
  • Draft 2007 Goals
  • 2 emergencies per day
  • Schedule trip to IKEA with Chris
  • Pick up glasses
  • Organize Bills

2 thoughts on “Goals for the week of 1/14/2007

Add yours

  1. Add this to your workout list. One of your rest days or half of one workout should be yoga or stretching. So a short workout to warm up and then a long yoga stretch out. In this time really work on breathing, while in the stretch. This is something that i love but don’t do offten enough.

  2. I like your straightforward thinking and writing.

    You are not bragging, simply reporting. I do like that!

    Why the low carb effort? Weight loss? Simply proper eating?

    All your plans are healthy and realistic. You motivate me!


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