Things I am looking forward to this year

yet another list…

  • the 7th Harry Potter book, and the huge celebration I am working on with a local bookstore.
  • the Lord of the Rings movie marathon in April
  • my 20 mile “out of the darkness” walk in June (to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention)
  • my high-school senior niece who is visiting for 3 months starting in Feb.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie in July
  • Planning my dream trip to Scotland and England (hopefully I will go in 2008)
  • Visiting Charlottesville, Monticello, surrounding mountains, and vineyards this summer
  • Visiting Portland, Maine sometime this year
  • Joining a hiking club to take long hikes in the beautiful surrounding mountains
  • Becoming stronger and more fit through my crossfit workouts – and losing another pants size
  • Vacationing with my kids either in Chincoteague, VA or Nova Scotia this summer
  • Paying off the remains of my debt
  • redoing my kitchen

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