January goals

To make things managable, I thought it would be a good idea to break out my goals into smaller chunks. Hopefully that will help me not be so overwhelmed.

Here is what I hope to accomplish by the end of January:


  • Put $1000 in my mutual fund account

Health & Fitness:

  • Commit to crossfit workouts 5 times per week through the last week of january/first week of feb.
  • No drinking on school nights
  • Reduce carbs significantly, except for one day per week
  • Drink 2 emergencies per day
  • Take EFA’s every day
  • Go to the optometrist and get new glasses
  • Go to the dentist

Life Improvement:

  • Write my 2007 goals

Mental & Spiritual:

  • Reconnect with Doctor Potter
  • Read 3 chapters in my new book by Susan Cooper


  • implement bimonthly family bowling night
  • weekly family dinner (Sunday afternoon)
  • Organize my paperwork
  • Make an appt. with a lawyer
  • Talk to Uncle Jimmy about Portland, Maine
  • Make plans for spring break

Home Improvement:

  • Find a kitchen contractor
  • Make kitchen design decisions

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