Friday Fitness Freakout: alota tabata

Met with Jen this morning and worked out on the deck. I was feeling pretty good – until 1/2 way through when I felt like I wanted to throw up. In the end I was happy, and felt good about my body…

  • Tabata pushups 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest 8 sets
  • High knee football drill 4×30 seconds

4 rounds – no rest:

  • knee pull-ups to elbows hanging from rings – 30 sec
  • Kettle Bell Swings – 12lb kettle bell – 30 sec
  • Ball Slams: 15lb medicine ball – 30 sec

2 rounds 1 minute each:

  • Wallball  to squat – 12 lb medicine ball
  • Air squats

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