Wednesday Morning Workout: Activate your ass!

Eva and I worked out in the garage at 6 am. Jen doesn’t play. Here is what she had us do:

Warm up

  • Air squats 30x 2
  • lunges 20x 2
  • pushups 10×2 (Jen told us it would help to activate my ass during this set)
  • lunges 20 more

2 rounds each person

  • Tire pull – 2 laps (4 -passes total). If you don’t know what this is, basically we strap on a harness which is attached to a rope which is attached to a tire and we ‘sprint’ around the garage while pulling it. My body felt like a brick. It was VERY hard.
  • Ball toss/ballslam (for the duration of the other doing the tire pull)


  • Bent over rows 3×10
  • Push press 3×10
  • deadlifts 3×10
  • Reviewed the DB lifts for form

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