Geekend update – aerobicleaning

Another installment about my exciting weekends…

  •  Friday night I was still not feeling well from the past week’s sinus infection, head-cold gone wrong. Friday during the day it was 75 degrees (can you believe it?) and sunny. The kids and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and fell to sleep on the couch. Yawn.
  • Saturday Morning we woke up and it was 35 degrees. The weather has problems. Anyway, we spent the day preparing the house for Christmas, the kids helped to put things away and tidy up while I was Aerobicleaning. That is, Vacuuming while doing sets of lunges, running up and down the stairs and counting laps, doing air squats while washing the kitchen floor, etc. I have done this before and it is a great (and fun) way to get some exercise in while cleaning your house. Maybe I should make a video. Maybe not.
  • Saturday night I spent 3 hours making mini Harry Potter ornaments for the christmas tree: including 2 miniature copies each of all the Harry Potter books, Quidditch through the ages, fantastic beasts and where to find them, Hogwarts, a history and I made ornaments of the Marauders Map.
  • After that, the kids decided that they wanted to re-enact the graveyard scene from GOF, while playing the soundtrack. Daryn was the ‘baby’ voldemort all wrapped up in blankets and david dumped her into a big muck bucket. Then they switched roles and Daryn became Harry while David played the big voldemort. It was quite funny.
  • Sunday morning we woke up late, and decided to go bowling. David, Daryn and I hit the lanes at about noon and it was a blast! Daryn got her first strike and I didn’t do so bad either. Actually I won both games. We went to lunch at TGI Fridays afterwards.
  • Sunday evening we set up Christmas town (which Daryn proceeded to attack with her big dragon) and the kids decided to do another performance of the GOF re-enactment. David spent hours doing his homework (he is reading of Mice and Men – how depressing!) and working on Greek History. He is doing SO much better!
  • I spent the rest of the evening doing laundry and wrapping the banisters with pine garland, etc. We will probably get our tree this week.

That’s it for now until our next exciting weekend!

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