Thanksgiving Thankfulness: The gift of time

Last night, in preparation for thanksgiving, my two 21 year-old stepsons, my teenage son and and my young daughter gathered in the kitchen and worked together to begin preparing our holiday feast. It helps that my stepsons attend culinary institute, so my part was really to follow their lead. My teenage son is also interested in the culinary arts, and is currently taking classes at his high school.

 My teenage son baked a peach pie (from scratch with homemade crust), my stepsons made homeade cranberry relish, de-boned the turkey, made a wonderful stock with fresh herbs, and marinated the meat for todays roasting.

The best part about the evening was to see everyone together, chopping and talking and tasting. It was such a wonderful family evening. Being that today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to give thanks for last night – I am thankful for the gift of time with my family.

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