Following Happiness

While in San Francisco last week, I had the opportunity to visit a place called Bethany Center, a wonderful place that provides housing and services to low-income people with a priority to seniors. It is a fantastic place – with one of the most beautiful murals I have ever seen on the outside of the building . Since I work for AAHSA, I was one of the folks responsible for traveling with and getting all 90 visitors back on the buses after our tour.
Bethany Center
We were running a bit late, and I was frantically trying to get everyone back on the buses – I ran up and down the ramp in front of the building at least 5 or 6 times. After about the 4th time running up the ramp, I noticed that an elderly gentleman was following in his wheelchair, he followed me several times up and down that ramp – making a u-turn when I changed direction. Finally I turned around and asked him if he was ok. He said “yes, I’m fantastic!” I then asked him why he was following me up and down the ramp, he said in an emphatic voice, “I’m just following happiness!”

I stopped right in my tracks. His words floored me, I had nothing to say! Here I was all stressed out, not focusing on the moment, and this elderly and disabled man reminded me in a split second of what is important. Needless to say, this was a really amazing moment for me.

I am thankful for that man. I am grateful for that moment.

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