Geekend Update – a dog that poops

  • I flew back on Friday night from beatiful San Francisco. Parking at the lot was $120 – I was so late getting to the airport I didn’t even think of which garage to use. I hope I get reimbursed.
  • Saturday I spent with Daryn, shopping for a dog that poops. Not a real one, but a toy one that she actually saw at Target. I tried to make that case that we already have a dog that poops – and that she is free to pick it up whenever she likes, but that wasn’t good enough. So I made the journey to our favorite Target in the woods and purchased 1 dog that poops.
  • David skated all day with his new friend, Johnny Ransom. That name sounds like either an actor or a serial killer. I hope he’s not the latter. It was a beautiful day, perfect for him to get his skate on. I am glad he did, but 14 sure does scare the shit out of me.
  •  Saturday night Daryn slept at Zoe’s house in DC. David was home so he and I watched 2 episodes of Top Chef and then the movie Switch. Of course I had wine and then went to bed, he spent the rest of the evening making skating videos. I am so boring.
  • Sunday David and I decided to spend more Mommy/David time together so we went to Fairfax Cinema deLux to see “stranger than fiction”. It was a good movie but I thought it was pretty strange that David picked this one to see. He seemed to really like it. He never ceases to amaze and surprise me. 14 still scares the shit out of me today too.
  • We drove to DC to pick up Daryn in the rain and then came home. Daryn played with her dog that poops, and I walked my dog that poops, David was mad as poop because I made him study math.

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