I remember October

It’s October again. The air is crisp and cold, the crows are flying about, the trees are bursting with color. Halloween is in the air and the kids are full of anticipation. Every year at this time I fall in love with life again – for some reason, this time of year makes me feel really good inside.

I remember when I was in elementary school, and Daddy took me to our book fair. It was October and there was a special Halloween book I really, really wanted. I remember walking into the school with him, my hand in his – and my excitement and anticipation of the event. More than anything, I was there with him – with my Dad. We entered the school and I walked tall and proud. That day he bought me all of the books I wanted. but the gift he really gave me was time with him – time without me worrying about all of the sadness and that helpless feeling I had so many times as a little girl. For once I didn’t have to pretend that everything was ok because on that day, in that moment, I was really, really happy. It was October.

I think that this is why I love October so much, because at that moment he was the father I wanted so badly – the dad I knew he could be. I have held that memory in the back of my mind for so long, and now I understand why I love October.

I wish you were here.

Love, Susan

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