Daryn has been asking about you. She is 7 years old now, the youngest of your grandchildren. She is strong, focused, good-natured and very, very smart. She often asks me questions about why her mommy does not have a mommy. I explain to her that you died a long time ago, and that you are now an angel who is always watching over her.

From time to time when we are outside, she looks upwards and asks if she will be able to see you in the clouds because that’s where the angels live. I tell her that if she closes her eyes and thinks about you, she will see you. I think that she feels sad for me sometimes. She hugs me and tells me that you are watching over me too, and that when we all die we will be angels together and everyone will be happy.

I know in my heart that you can see her, I know that you are proud of her beauty, her wonder and her strength. I just wish that she could see you, and get to know who you really are. I am doing my best to remember you, to remember everything you taught me. I just feel like you are so far away.

I miss you. I wish you were here.

Love, Susan

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