Friday – and I think my body may be in SHOCK

Excellent workout this morning – pushed myself really hard!

  • Walk/Run 10mins
  • Bench Press 2 sets for one minute each
  • Squats with 15lb weights 2 sets one minute each
  • Run 4 minutes 5.5 mph treadmill
  • Side leg lifts one minute each leg – 2 sets each
  • Seated Row w/40lbs 1 minute – 2 sets each
  • Run 4 minutes 5.5 treadmill
  • Dead lifts w/15lb dumbells 1 minute – 2 sets each
  • Bench dips 15-18 – 2 sets
  • Run 5 minutes 5.5 on treadmill
  • cool down 5 minutes 3.5 treadmill
  • stretch

I feel really good, a bit sore – but at least I am feeling the benefits! I was SO hungry this morning so I went to Open City and had an egg white veggie omelet with fruit on the side and an espresso.

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