Grateful Wednesday: Things to look forward to

Today I am grateful that there are ALWAYS things to look forward to. Here is my current list:

1. Autumn. I love the cool weather, the vibrant colors, pumpkins, apple cider, blue jeans, sweaters, halloween. It is my favorite time of year and I fall in love with Virginia each year at this time.

2. Eragon movie in December. It is sure to be a blockbuster. I love the book and it looks like the movie will be really amazing – a special treat for the Christmas Season!

3. San Francisco in November. I am going for 1 week for work. I plan to re-aquaint myself with the city, then spend one day in Sonoma afterwards. I cannot wait!

4. My early morning workouts. Loud inspiring music, pushing myself as much as I can, sweat in my eyes – I really look forward to these!

5. The Hobbit. Rumour has it that New Line cinema and Mirimax finally settled their differences and The Hobbit will go in to production in New Zealand.

6. Prophecy 2007. The Harry Potter Educational conference – in Toronto. I promised Cami that we would go. I am going to register soon (as soon as I have the $$$) and book the hotel room. Very exciting! I most look forward to wizards chess and water quidditch!

7. The release of the 7th Harry Potter book next year, which, undoubtedly, will become a major event here in DC. I have already been talking to a local bookstore about having a major release party, with costumes, entertainment, and everything!

8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie. Due out July 13th of next year – another movie to look forward to.

9. Writing a real business plan for our bookstore/coffeehouse. Chris and I are actually working on this!

10. Thanksgiving. Brandon and Jonathan should be visiting – we will have a great time spending time together and being thankful for family.

11. Spring Break. I will try to take the kids to Nova Scotia, and combine it with a trip to Portland Maine to start investigating places to move.

12. The Golden Compass movie next year. Based on Phillip Pullmans book, this will be another great movie to look forward to!

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