Grateful Wednesday: The Founding Fathers

We visited Monticello this past week – and learned much of the innovation, creativity, and steadfast determination of one of America’s founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson.

I was so moved by what I learned about him – his determination to broaden the minds of those around him, to learn everything he could, to create a self-sustaining, healthy, free and nurturing environment for his country. I was reminded of what our country is founded on. I am in awe of this man, his principles – and to him I owe all that I have today. I am grateful for him – and I hope that we can carry foward his legacy and continue to work towards the society that he envisioned:

Life is of no value but as it brings us gratifications.
Among the most valuable of these is rational society.
It informs the mind, sweetens the temper, cheers our spirits, and promotes health.Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, February 20, 1784

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