Grateful Wednesday: A list of reminders

Sometimes it is harder to be thankful for things. It gets really easy to get caught up on small, insignificant things – and how quickly they can bring you down! My grateful post today is my attempt to get past the little things and negative people that have annoyed me or tried to suck the positive energy from me over the last few days. So instead of a negative rant, I will focus on the little things that are constant, gentle reminders of the wonderful gifts that are always there for us – if we just remember to look.

5 things that remind me of how lucky I am:

1. Daryn’s Hair (in all it’s glory). I took an hour to wash and condition it last night. It smelled of perfume and she looked so polished and beautiful. I woke up to the smell of her hair this morning as she lay next to me on the pillow watching tv.

2. Hugs & Love from my 13 year-old son David. He is a hugger – and he constantly tells me that he loves me. I never want that to stop. Even though we bicker and argue a lot, we have an unspoken understanding. He is my first born child…he is my heart.

3. My friend Chris. We go through ups and downs together, we bicker like an old married couple – but in the end I know that he is in my corner as I am in his – and we always find a way to have fun and find magical things to investigate (books, movies, stories, websites).

4. The opportunity every day to make myself a better person. No matter if I didn’t get it right the previous day, I can always improve tomorrow. After all, nobody is perfect.

5. Big Dave, when he is home and focused on the family. I just wish he could be like this more that 10% of the time.

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