Grateful Wednesday: Grateful for my health

I have been ignoring my blogging responsibilities for a few weeks, but now I am back. I have been battling some minor health issues (including migraines, a sinus infection, wasp stings and a back injury) and have become somewhat side-tracked because of it. On top of that, I received a call the other day from a very close friend who has gone blind. My sister is also battling health issues as well. Also, a co-worker just found out that his 31 year-old wife has breast cancer.

Looking at this in the bigger picture, it dawned on me that my health is something that I have taken for granted up until now. There are constant reminders everywhere that up until now I have been truly lucky – and that my good health can be taken away at any moment.

While I am not horrible about taking care of myself, there is much more that I could (and should) be doing. I need to make myself a priority – not just something I talk about being important. I am very thankful for the health and the inner strength that I have been given – now it is time to honor that and do all that I can to maintain it.

From this point forward, I will be my own cause.

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