Grateful Wednesday: I Love DC

Entrance to a DC RowhouseThe city of Washington, DC is probably one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. Politicians and monuments aside, DC is a vibrant, multi-cultural, personality-rich place to live or visit. It’s a very walkable city, with lots of trees and unique architecture, fountains and rowhouses, bridges and canals, and cobblestone and old lamp posts.

When you look close enough, there is something unique and beautiful around every corner. Today, I am thankful for the city in which I once lived (and now work in). I am grateful for it’s beauty, grace and somewhat eclectic atmosphere. I am very fortunate to live in such a wonderful place—here I have found a home, friends, a successful career, grown a family and developed deep roots.

I hope that my friends will come to visit me here one day, so that I can show them the ‘real’ DC – so that they can get a taste of such a unique, fantastic and flavorful place.

I love DC.

Dupont Circle

Adams Morgan


Typical DC Rowhouses

18th Street

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  1. Did you take those pics? I LOVE DC TOO!!! I work outside of DC, but I love coming home to it 🙂

    um… let me know the next time you’re in the city! Now that my big conference is over I can use my comp hours and take extended lunches with you!!!

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