Hope remains

Dear Mom –

Today would have been your 70th birthday. You were 48 when committed suicide, and I was 21.

There are so many things that I am thankful for and I wanted to write this letter to let you know. I am grateful to have had a mother like you who loved me unconditionally, with compassion, hope, and gentle kindness. You really knew how to see the special side of life, and you were able to find beauty in the most unusual things and places. You never hesitated to share these things with me. You took time to savor our special moments together, whether it was having breakfast together early in the morning by the ocean, showing me the beauty of things that grow in the forest, shopping for silly and useless girlie things at the local drugstore, or merengue dancing on a saturday night.

You made life extra special for me every chance you had, celebrating milestones and achievements, decorating our home with a magical flare, or even teaching me lessons in your own special way when I chose the wrong path.

I am most grateful for your ultimate gift. You gave me in spades what you could not find within yourself – HOPE. Now, no matter what obstacle faces me, hope comes naturally. The hope you instilled within me is strong, undying and focused. Through you, I have accomplished much and lived a very determined life–and have stopped along the way to enjoy all of the special things that make life magical.

I know you are watching over me, I feel your presence every day, and the intuitive wisdom I rely upon so strongly is really your spirit guiding me through the journey of life. Your love lives within me, and the ability to have hope is a gift that I will cherish and be thankful for every day of my life.

You were my Mother – you were beautiful and magical. I am eternally grateful to have known you.

Love Susan

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  1. For no apparent reason I was so upset about my sister that I had to blog. It’s strange that we were both reminiscing at the same time and expressing it through words on a blog. LOVE YOU! I seriously do.

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