Salima arrived to visit with us last night. She is the eldest of your grandchildren – uniquely beautiful and graceful, she seems to be so alive with wonder and excitement of life’s possibilities. She is 18.

She loves vintage clothing, flowery perfumes, unique jewelry, and makeup–all of the ‘lady things’ you and I used to shop for and enjoy together. I remember we used to spend Friday evenings together shopping for these items on a very limited budget, painstakingly trying on colors, fragrances, jewelry. I remember giggling with you over silly things we would find, returning home and carefully spreading out and surveying our purchases on the bed – thoroughly enjoying our ‘lady’ time together. I was 18.

She looks so much like Linda. She has inherited her talent and flare for all things artistic and beautiful, which Linda inherited from you. She has the same ‘hippy’ quality about her, I keep catching glimpses of her out of the corner of my eye and have to remind myself that she is my niece, not my sister. Funny how our kids all turn out to be new versions of ourselves.

I wish she knew you. I wish you could know her.

I miss you.

Love Susan

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