I need more dirt. It just seems crazy that one should have to pay for it. I am new at this whole gardening thing and it seems like a lot of dirt has eroded from my yard. Where does one acquire it? Do I have to buy it in bags and haul it myself? Surely I am smart enough to figure this out. Probably the first thing I should do is say ‘soil’ instead instead of ‘dirt’. That’s what real gardeners call it.

We spent more time in the garden yesterday – my daughter planting more flowers in her little patch of earth and me transplanting herb seedlings to their final growing place (until they are used for making wonderful end-of-summer dishes).

After we were done, she started digging hole in another part of the yard. She asked me what would happen if she kept digging. I said, “you will get to China – so when you begin smelling chinese food, let me know.”

Being that she is 7, she took this to heart, went in the house and got her jacket. When I asked her why, she said it might be cold there. I caught her later on poking her head in the hole to see if she had made any progress.

I wish I was 7.

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