Begin (again)

Today is the 10th day of April. I still have stitches in my leg from surgery (which were supposed to be removed last Friday). I am calling the doctor today so that I can get these suckers removed and the go-ahead to get back on track with my fitness activities. Needless to say, these past two weeks of recovery have left me feeling depressed, full of anxiety, and very sluggish.

I was supposed to be away this week in Chincoteague, Virginia with the kids for spring break. The lodging situation fell through, so now it is Monday and we are in the house lounging around. I did finish my book this weekend though…

So today I will go to the doctor and stopy by Home Depot to pick up some sort of Mango-colored paint for the kitchen. I have been ‘painting’ my kitchen for 2 1/2 years now. I am thinking that if I can actually get it done this week, I will walk away with a renewed sense of accomplishment? We will see if that works.

I guess this bigger issue is that I have been very depressed about my family/marital situation. Being married or almost 15 years, our relationship has been reduced to what is now a roommate situation. For a variety of reasons, we have gone our seperate ways – for better or worse. We are here in the house together, but that is it. I need to be liberated from this. Everything just seems so complicated.

I am tired of wasting time, and burying myself in wine or food. My physical and emotional health has paid the price for this. So now it is time to stop it. I am tired of waiting for things to happen – life is too short for that.

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  1. We should conspire to figure out how to suss these problems out–you probably already know of a solution but aren’t ready to take that step to resolve it…

    I should give you a tarot reading and sort this out with you!–>

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