I made it through yesterday

Dropped my daughter off at school, went to the bank, then trader joe’s and got a migraine pretty bad. I was dizzy and lost my vision for about 20 minutes so I couldn’t go home so I just stayed inside tj’s for a while, drinking their blueberry juice and popping advil. Then the headache came after that…which pretty much put me out of commission for the day. UGGHHHH! Maybe it’s because I am going through wine withdrawel. It’s always when I start working out and eating well that I seem to not feel well. I know, I know, it’s totally psychological. I miss my comforts so my body is retaliating.

The good news is that it was Wednesday yesterday, and LOST was on.

The bad news is that I missed my Wednesday evening cocktail hour with my friendly neighbor. We have a lot to catch up on, so we will have to spend extra time with eachother over the weekend.

I didn’t do horrible in the nutrition area, but I didn’t do so great either. The headache threw me for a big loop:

breakfast: Coffee with SPlenda
Lunch: Grilled chicken with lowfat cheese, fat free sourcream, salsa on a bed of lettuce
snack: Fat free popcorn
Dinner: Chunky chicken noodle soup *from a can* with one slice of potato bread
snack: baked apples with oatmeal

I didnt drink as much water as i should have, and i didnt exercise yesterday (since i was in bed with a migraine most of the day).

Today is a new day, we will see how it goes.

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  1. I am so sorry you were suffering in the TJ`s. I didn`t understand that you started getting the headache there and then got stuck there. Next time call me & I`ll come get you.

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