Adventures in MOOTing

This past weekend was off the chain. I travelled to Indianapolis to hang out with 40 of my closest geeky friends all in the name of the Lord of the Rings (that was our excuse). We began the weekend at the Biergarten bar at the Rathskeller. This is an outdoor bar with an open fireplace and a really cool stage. Needless to say, fun was had by all (and of course there were pints involved). I was ECSTATIC because they had hard cider on tap – YEAH BABY!

We met up after happy hour outside of the Rathskeller and went on a Haunted Walking Tour. A very cool company called UnseenPress runs these tours in Indy and its surrounding areas. We saw some very cool neighborhoods, restaurants, and of course, haunted buildings. Check out their website The tour lasted about 90 minutes during which it got very dark and cold so we were forced to go back to the hotel afterwards for Kahlua and coffee (and great conversation).

The next morning we awoke bright and early to go and see the Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. All I can say is **Major Goosebumps**.

After spending 5 hours (yes 5 hours) at the exhibit, we were exhausted and returned to our hotel to get ready for our big dinner MOOT at a local pub called Loughmillers. What an amazing dinner, and great conversation, all n all a wonderful time was had by all. We had a slideshow, trivia games with prizes, and of course, many pints 🙂

It was a wonderful weekend. Now it’s back to reality and to my ongoing quest to find my way….

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