Day 1: Setting Goals

I am creating this blog/journal to help me keep focused on my goals. I am tired of talking about it. I am tired of not achieving my goals and feeling like a failure every time. I am tired of being victimized by myself. Ok, enough of the pity party.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Improve my physical health and that of my family. Be more active and improve my health so that I can enjoy life more. I have become somewhat of a recluse because of my weight and my health and now it is having an impact on my quality of life and that of my family.
    • 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Bottom-line – move my body!
    • Learn how to cook using fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other healthy ingredients.
  2. Get my financial act together. that means, consilidate debt, put together a budget, and a plan for savings, etc.
    • enroll in debt consolidation program
    • set up a budget-save 10% of income in savings account
    • Finish the Suze Orman program for financial success
  3. Exercise my mind through reading and learning. Set literary goals (some of which I have already met) and continue to read and explore new books.
    • read a minimum of 1 book per month. -some titles: Chronicles of Narnia, Mysts of Avalon, The Unfinished tales, Treasure Island…just to start.
    • learn something new. Take online classes, participate in discussion groups, learn how to make something
  4. Volunteer some of my time or skills to an organization or person who needs help.
    • contribute to the community: Meals on wheels, teaching tech to kids, mentoring.
  5. Improve the quality of time I spend with my family.
    • 3 family meals together per week
    • reading time
    • weekly outdoor activities: lake hike, neighborhood walk
    • movie time

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